Key Custodian Acknowledgment Form

A key custodian is a Marqeta employee or consultant who has access to the environment where sensitive encryption keys reside.

Security policy document: MARQETA Information Security and Operation Manual

As a key custodian, I agree that I:

  1. Have read and understood the policies and procedures associated with key management
  2. Agree to comply with these policies to the best of my ability
  3. Will protect encryption keys used for encrypting data against both disclosure and misuse
  4. Will never copy or remove or export any keys from the server
  5. Prohibit distribution of the keys
  6. Will prevent unauthorized substitution of the keys
  7. Agree to respond immediately to any system alerts which indicate key tampering
  8. Agree to never compromise the security of the keys in my custody by divulging any information about key management practices, related security systems, passwords, or other private information associated with the company’s systems to any unauthorized persons

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