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Wow, I just realized that the people at Rider Wearhouse actually spell this "stich" and not "stiTch". Doesn't that bother anybody else?

It's like if the british started spelling "motorcar"; "motorcah". Something is just not right about that. Who starts the most awesome motorcyling accessory company in America with a ... a ... a typo!?!

But I digress frozen friends, from my task at hand.

At long last and with much sadness I have decided to part ways with my "Stich" [sic].

It have very light use and is in really excellent condition. It is still somewhat stiff, has perfect velco and zippers, and last time I was rained on, it is completely water-proof.

This suit is a few years old, but you would never know it from looking at it or wearing it. I have never had the armour out, but I believe it is NOT the newer TF2 or whatever.

I hope you can get a sense of the condition by the photos, my digital camera is somewhat lacking and needs replacing (email me suggestions if you have one you love).

Why am I selling it?
Yes, well. You will see in the pictures the reason. I have developed a "problem area" in the front and middle, UNDER the suit. This problem seems to go all the way around my waist.
Coincidently the "pull of gravity" has increased as a result.
Am I confusing you?
Yes folks, the battle of the bulge is raging, and my relationship with the suit is the victim. I am now much more like a 45S than a 42R.
So my stats are like this when the SUIT FIT ME!:
5' x 9.5" Height
30" Inseam
42 Regular Suit size
32-34" Waist
Weight = up to about 195 * see the web site
The "stich" is cut to fit snugly, not wear a parka under it for sure. The inseam cut is more like how a 32" pant fits me, which makes it look a tad long when I'm standing up. This is good, because when you are on your bike with bend knees, you want a bit of thength.
I have found that the people at RiderWearhouse are very good at assessing the size of their products. Use the sizing chart on the site to see if this will fit you, or call them up!

One thing to add.

I met a motorcycle messenger here in San Francisco that had an old beat up Stitch and he said to me "Don't EVER wash it!"

And by god, I never did. Since then I have read some stuff about how to care for Gore-Tex stuff and have learned that it is the typical Laundry Detergent that should be avoided. If you want to stay waterproof, do you homework and treat expensive gear with care. I was a bit paranoid I guess, but the suit is perfectly clean, don't worry!
There is a little bit of oil on the shin area, but as you can see from the photos it is not very noticable.

I had no idea I was capable of writing such a long ad. I am procrastinating because I hate to sell this suit. Will you hate to buy it?