Hey Hotstuff]
This guy kicks ass.
Here he is with a little known Halle Berry circa 1986.

Evidently he has been doing the celeb-photo thing since 1977. He manages to get uglier and

There are so many random "celebs" on his site.

Most are like this with him in the photo, some are just pics of thecelebs, often they are signed like this one with Pamela.

At auction, I would estimate that this would sell anywhere between 5 and 10 dollars, for the entire collection. #

Monday, December 09, 2002
( 4:36 PM ) nick adams
I know it's wrong]

So did you hear the news about Pete?

Not just about some damn wedding or some freaking birthday.

After much anticipation, he has finally lost it.

Fully embraced Motorhead, changed his name to Olaf, and moved to Europe to be with "his people."

Happy Birthday Pete we're gonna miss you little buddy.