Beloved Mustang has flown the coup!
Meet Christopher! Here, Christopher the new owner is securing the Disgustang to the car carrier. Christopher and I were a little concerned in the beginning. When he first got here, he checked the oil. It was *very* very low. He did not seem very happy about this. And the battery was dead.
It was all very unfortunate. He started to leave in huff, but I managed to get him to come around. So I hooked up the battery charger and charged the battery for a little while. I think I had left the doors open all morning while I was cleaning it up. I should have checked the oil. Oh, well, three quarts later she was ready to go!
Here is Christopher ( I think he is really a Chris, if you know what I mean ) with his beloved dog named Dingo. Dee Eye En Gee Oh! Dingo is a very protective dog. And! she really is a Dingo! wow. Chris and I were standing by my house and Dingo was in the truck when Chris says "Wanna see something cool? Hit me!" and I'm all like ( I know there's a trick here ) but half of me impulsively made a fist and made ready. But I knew deep down that something really bad would happen. Then he says, referring to dingo "She would have jumped outta there and been on you so fast! She prolly would have ripped out your throat!". Chris is from Chicago, is mostly quiet, and I have decided that I like him.
This is a really great shot of Chris towing away the Disgustang. I will circle it in red for you.
And again. Ansel Adams...Nick Adams....get it?
The end of a hard day at work. God I love my job! Oh darn, this is not after-all my job. This is actually my favorite part of the Disgustang story.
Hey did I mention that Chris "made alot of money" in the stock market and moved to AZ to semi-retire in his mid thirties? I think that now he just buys and sells cars, kinda like living his hobbie in Overdrive baby! He drove 12 hours to get here, spent about an hour with me, and drove back, planning on doing it all in one day. Just him and Dingo. Kahonahs! Have I mentioned that a good part of the reason that I do this kind of buying and selling is to meet people just like this? Life is good.