Franklin, Williams and Cohen

Attorneys at Law

New York, Ny


Dear Mr. Michel Gregory:


This law firm is intellectual property and litigation counsel to Nicholas Adams.

It has come to our attention that you are the registrant of a Web log or "Blog" incorporating the letters "Nick," "Nick Adams," "Nicholas Adams," and/or "" and that you are using this "Blog" to display examples of him, his thoughts, actions, and/or communications.


Please be advised that Nicholas E. Adams is the holder of  the trademark "Nick," "Nick Adams," "Nicholas Adams," and "" which the United States Patent and Trademark office has accepted for registration on the Principal Register. Since 1971, my client has used the ("Nick," "Nick Adams," "Nicholas Adams," and "") mark in connection with his quality products and services,

and in that time, the ("Nick," "Nick Adams," "Nicholas Adams," and "")  mark has become famous worldwide. Internet users looking

for ("Nick," "Nick Adams," "Nicholas Adams," and "") clearly expect to find my client's products.


You are hereby warned and notified to CEASE AND DESIST your use of the term(s)

("Nick," "Nick Adams," "Nicholas Adams," and "")

in any public documents, which you have obviously published and continue to use in bad

faith. If you do not immediately remove all references to ("Nick," "Nick Adams," "Nicholas Adams," and "") from this "Blog," we will take all action necessary to protect our mark.

Your failure to comply will result in my client's full and forceful prosecution

of all of its rights, and you could incur liability for damages in excess of

$100,000 and responsibility for our attorneys' fees.


We thank you for your immediate compliance on this matter.



            Ethan Cohen

            Attorney at Law